Who Are We?

Dizdar was founded in 1947 by Abbas Dizdar, who started his business life by buying and selling knives and scissors in a small shop in Eminönü, Istanbul. In the following years, knife manufacturing was established and the transition process to industrialism began. After the second generation family members started to work within the company in 1960, the product range was expanded with the production of forks, spoons and knives. In the following years, pots, pans, strainers and many more product types were added to the product range. Today, our products are offered for sale at more than 150 sales points in Turkey and abroad.

Experience, Technology, Quality…

Since its establishment, Dizdar has accepted user demands and satisfaction as a top priority and offers you the highest quality with its experience by using the latest technology machinery and equipment in production systems. We design and produce with our sectoral experience of 3 generations and our philosophy based on R&D and innovation.

From Kitchen to Table

Dizdar, which aims to provide versatile and functional service with its comprehensive product range, is both in the kitchen and on the table. Our company is one of the rare companies in the world that produces both Cutlery-Spoon-Knife Sets and Service, Cooking, Transport, and Preparation groups. Since 1947, we are happy to be with you, our valuable business partners, both in the kitchen and at the table.

Thank you for choosing DIZDAR…


With all our employees,

  • To meet customer expectations at the maximum level.

  • To ensure continuity in quality and service.

  • To provide a continuous added value to the society and the environment.


  • To be a leading brand that is recognized and trusted worldwide in its industry.


With our business culture and quality management systems, our sole principle is to meet customer needs at a perfect level by using advanced production technologies and to protect the environment and society.